Yulia, Lithuania

My name is Yulia, and I underwent hypnotherapy with Valerie.

I have known Valerie for many years, and she always does everything 100%. Not like the hero from the fairy tale ‘That will do’. When a person helps you from the heart and you know that she will do everything in her power to improve your condition, then you know that you have come to a good master. So, Valerie is this master. I would recommend her to anyone.

And what is interesting about the practice itself? I was astonished how you suddenly realise that some life moments that we remember or even forgot suddenly get clarity not only in the moment itself, but also in what they bring, and how they affect us. Here there is an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary things and recover, and Valerie will be your guide in this. For me, the vocalization of deep consciousness was like a funfair ride for a child. Thank you!


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